Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Prayer requests: May and June

Thank you for the special role our Mothers are playing in the lifes of our children!!
Thank you for the following blessings received over the last few weeks:

*  Involvement by Centurion High School who collected money for us towards a school trip later this year.

*  Our Saturday Kid's Games outreaches and Mom's workshops.

*  Celebrating Earth Day with AECom by planting new trees on the schoolground.

*  CHEP who handed out toiletry packages to some of our needy children.

Please pray with us for the following:

*  Our June cycle tests:  preparation for the children and teachers.

*  Please pray for teachers and children who are sick.

*  We would like to support our needy families during the winter holidays with some food parcels.  Please pray that we will have enough donation to make this possible.

*  Please pray for our upcoming parent's day: for understanding and interest.

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