Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February 2014 - Prayer requests

The 2014 school-year has started at Olievenhoutbosch Christian School!  We are filled to capacity with 167 Grade 0 - 4 learners and 13 teachers :-)

As always, we are totally dependent on our Lord Jesus Christ and on the prayers of our fellow brothers and sisters to carry us through this year.  

Firstly, we are so thankful to the Lord Jesus for the following blessings:

*  Proper palisade fencing around the school (donated by Brother International)

*  An extended roof that for our school functions (donated by Brother International)

*  A brand new jungle gym (donated by Nexus Forensics)

*  Enthusiastic, God-serving teachers

*  The blessing of a school full of children who are eager to learn about Jesus

*  Supportive parents who serve the Lord

Ma'am Rose with our new Grade R learners for 2014

Please pray with us for the following:

*  One of our Gr.4 learners (Nkosinathi) has been hit by a car as he was walking home from school this week.  He is recovering from head injuries and are treated in Kalafong Hospital.  Please pray for his single mum:  for strength and God's presence.  Please also pray for the doctors and nurses working with Nkosinathi:  for wisdom.

*  Please pray that God will provide in our current needs at school, especially stationery.  Unfortunately due to break-ins during the December holiday, a lot of our stationery was stolen which we were supposed to kick off the new year.

*  Please pray for the protection of our teachers and children every day.

The seniors of the school - Grade 4 - hard at work

Donation from Brother International

Thank you very much to Brother International, who donated the following to our school:

An extended roof for assembly and school functions

Grass for our netball court (Whoo! whoo! No more scraped knees for our netball girls!)

Palisade fencing around the school - improving our school's security

Thank you so much to Moeggesukkel Construction who made all of this possible for us!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Nexus Forensics

Thank you so much to Nexus Forensics, for donating money for a new jungle gym to the school.  Also for the children's yummy goody packs! :-)
Waiting for our guests to arrive

Thank you very much Beaudine, Petunia, Kgomotso and Francois for visiting with us today!  You guys are really wonderful!

Receiving a goody pack from Nexus Forensics

The staff of Nexus Forensics are handing out goody packs to the kids

Midrand Presbyterian Church

Thank you very much to the members of Midrand Presbyterian Church who donated cleaning materials to Olievenhoutbosch Christian School.  Much appreciated and much needed ;-)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lego donation

Thank you very much to Aurecon, who donated Lego to our school.  This will surely go a long way in improving our quality of education!

Handing over of Lego at Aurecon's year end function
Our new Gr.0's receiving their Lego!

Thank you very much!

Hallo 2014!

To all our parents, teachers, children, supporters and partners:  May you have a blessed 2014 with the faith to carry you through whatever this year may bring.