Thursday, April 30, 2015

May prayer requests

Please pray with us for the following:

Thank you's to Jesus:

*  Thank you for keeping all the teachers and children safe during the Easter holidays.
*  Thank you for all the people who made donations towards the school the past month:  some families got duvet inners for the upcoming winter months, and a donor paid for our children who are in need of glasses, to each have their own pair of spectacles.

Please pray for the following:

*  We have very little food currently for our family feeding scheme.  Please pray that God will provide food for these families in need.

*  Please pray for peace and unity in the school and community.

*  Please pray for our parent's day on Saturday, 16 May, especially for our motivational speaker, Jacques Papenfus.  Please pray that God will use him to touch or parent's hearts and give them new hope and strength.

*  Please pray for one of our Grade 1 teachers, Ma'am Prescilla, who will be going on maternity leave as from the 1st of May.  We pray everything will go smoothly with the rest of her pregnancy and that God will bless her and her baby during this season of togetherness.  Pray also for our substitute teacher, Ma'am Patricia, who will take her place during the 4 months of her absence.  

*  Please pray for our fundraising at Midstream on the 8th of May.  We want to collect money for some sports equipment and for topsoil for our newly planted grass.  We will be selling hot dogs and hamburgers on this day.