Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Prayer requests: July 2014

Our thank you's to Jesus:

*  Thank you for the lovely missionaries from America who blessed us with their talents and presence the past 3 weeks. 

*  Thank you for much needed food and clothing donations, amazing out-reaches from the University of Pretoria students, as well as the youth from various churches.  So much joy is brought into our children's lives by spending a few hours with them.

*  Thank you for God's provision every day.

Prayer requests:

*  School closes on Friday, 27 June, for the 3-week winter holiday.  Please pray for God's protection upon the school, children and teachers during the holiday.

*  Please pray for our preparation for the new term:  for wisdom and understanding and creative God-inspired ideas!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Parent's Day: Term 2

What an inspirational parent's day we had on Saturday, 7 June.  Thank you very much to Minnette Dempsey, our guest speaker, who was a motivation and a blessing to us all. 

American Missionaries

Welcome to the new Immersion team from America, who will be doing missionary work at Olievenhoutbosch Christian School.  Alex,  Marie, Lele, Laura, Chris, Erin, Riley, Casey and Drew: we are looking forward to your time with us!