Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December and January Prayer requests

We have almost reached the end of 2015, and it is with such grateful heart that we look back at the, and can only thank God for His provision and goodness every day.

We have just again realized how incredibly generous people are, and we want to than Jesus for all the special people He has send across our path the last few weeks.

*  Thank you to Barloworld for Christmas gifts.

*  Thank you to everyone who provide food for our food parcels for the less fortunate families.

*  Thank you to AECom who gave a sponsorship towards our annual school trip to Lory Park Zoo.

*  Thank you for everyone who made the Christmas season special for the kids by donating school bags, gifts and sweetie packs.

*  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard towards our successful school concert.

The holidays are ahead of us, and for most of us it is an exciting time.  Please remember our children and school in your prayers.  Pray for the safety of each child, teacher and also our school building during this time.  Also pray for wisdom for 2016 to continue taking the school from strength to strength and to glorify God's name in all we do.

A wonderful, blessed season to all our supporters!