Thursday, March 27, 2014

Prayer requests - April

Our thank you's to Jesus:

*  Thank you for a wonderful outreach project which was held at Olievenhoutbosch Christian School on the 16th of March. Not only was it an amazing opportunity to share the love of Jesus, but Olievenhoutbosch Christian School also received a very generous donation of stationery.

*  Thank you for the 6 weeks we had the privilege of being hosts to a team of American missionaries.  These young people brought so much joy and friendship into the lives of our staff and children.

The Americans playing with the kids on the playground

*  Thank you for our new teacher, Martha, who started in March with us.  She is teaching Grade 2.

Martha in her Grade 2 class

Prayer requests:

* Please pray for our holiday program during the holidays (31 March - 2 April).  The program takes place in the mornings at school, and we also invite other children from the community to have the opportunity to learn about the love of Jesus.  Please pray for our after-care team who are putting the program together.  

P.S. If you or your children would like to be involved with the holiday program, please contact Dominic at 074 580 5346 or .  Even just an hour of your time will make such a difference in the lives of our kids!

*  Please continue to pray for the safety of our school, teachers, children and families every day

*  A special request for prayer for all our teachers here at school.  Please pray for them for courage, perseverance, faith and joy no matter the trials they are facing.

Mobile theatre show with the Easter message

On Thursday, 27 March, we had the privilege of hosting a theatre show for the kids with the Easter message.  Thank you very much to Swannie from Petrus Productions, who made it so very special for our kids.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Athletics 2014

On Thursday, 20 March, we hosted the annual athletics day for Olievenhoutbosch Christian School.  Have a look at some of our awesome moments:
Short distances

Teachers ready for a hot day

Lunch for our athletes :-)

Bag racing for the little ones


Teachers writing the winner's names

Ma'am Rose organizing the Gr. R's

Monday, March 17, 2014

Outreach to Olievenhoutbosch - Term 1 2014

Thank you to all the volunteers, children and staff members who contributed towards the outreach on Sunday, 16 March, at Olievenhoutbosch Christian School.  It was a fabulous day of worshiping, sharing a meal and building relationships across cultures.
Worshiping with the band

Yummy rice and chicken

Handing out cooldrink

Having lunch

The love of Jesus crosses culture barriers

Sharing a meal together

Let's go play!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Raak-bewus fees" at Church Without Walls

Thank you to all who showed interest in becoming involved in Olievenhoutbosch Christian School!  We are looking forward to partnering with you!

Visitors from Japan

The management of Brother International from Japan visited Olievenhoutbosch Christian School today......:-)