Thursday, May 29, 2014

Prayer requests: June 2014

Please pray with us for the following....

Thank you to our Lord Jesus for:

*  An amazing netball clinic at "Laerskool Hennopspark" where our girls were treated to lunch, new t-shirts and tekkies, and netball training.

*  Thank you for all the shoes collected for our kids this month.  It really is going to go a long way to make a difference for our kids, especially in winter time.

*  Thank your for the opportunity to play netball and soccer at Zwartkop Christian School in Centurion, and for our sponsors who paid for the bus.

Please pray for:

On our way to play netball and soccer at Zwartkop Christian School

*  Our current needs, especially foods for our families and stationery for the school.

*  Unity among our parents, teachers, and children

*  And as always:  God's protection upon the school, staff, volunteers and children every day.

*  Please pray for the new group of American missionaries who will join us from the 9th of June.  May they have an awesome here with us at school, learning more about Jesus and his unconditional love.

*  Please pray for our parent's day on the 7th of June.  We are planning a short workshop on "values" for our parents.  Please pray that it will empower our parents to bring up their children with the right values, molding them into responsible, caring adults.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Netball at "Laerskool Hennopspark"

Thank you very much to Mr. Raath, Bernise and the staff of "Laerskool Hennopspark" (Hennopspark Primary in Centurion) for an unforgettable afternoon of Netball training.  Our kids were spoiled with lovely pink t-shirts, new shoes, and amazing new friends.

Our team

On our way

Thursday, May 15, 2014

AECom donation of office furniture

Thank you very much to AECom for donating some office furniture to the school.  Making life much more organised for our teachers ;-)
The furniture arrives 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Winter clothes for our kids in need!

Thank you very much for all who contributed towards winter clothes for our kids in need! :-)

Old shoes

New shoes