Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Finalists of the Cangro/Centurion Mall tomato plant competition

Here are the five finalists of our Cangro/Centurion Mall competition, where the children had to grow their tomato plants for the past 6 weeks.

Please support our kids by voting for them at Centurion Mall between 1 and 15 November!

Neo Maleke
Allan Ndlovu

Eschell Fish

Girly Lepota

Monday, October 28, 2013

Concert 2013

On Saturday, 26 October 2013, we had our annual school concert, prize giving and Christmas Party.  Our concert theme for this year was:  "Our God, Creator of the Universe":
We took our audience on a journey through the planets: from Mercury all the way to Pluto, celebrating the infinite power of our God and His majesty.  

Thank you very much to all our sponsors who made this day possible!  

Thank you HARITH, Bernice, Corlie and Pam for our kid's gifts and sweeties!

Getting the kids ready for the concert.

Thank you Lian and Moeggesukkel for our beautiful (and delicious!) cake!
Our stage (Thank you, Eugenie, for our lovely stars!)




Uranus and Neptune

Jupiter with her rings :-)

Performing the planet song



Handing out of certificates

Teacher of the year 2013:  Ma'am Thabile :-)

Our Christmas Father (Thank you, Lourens, for wearing that suite in the hot weather!)

Grade 4's receiving their certificates and Bibles (Thanks so much, Wilna and Eugenie, for donating a Bible to every Grade 4 child)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Goody Glove Foundation

Thank you very much to Kyalami Preparatory School who sponsored the Goody Glove foundation to visit our school today.  We had lots of fun learning about the importance of using gloves and healthy living.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 2013 Prayer requests

Our thank you's to Jesus:

*  Thank you for a lovely (short :-) ) holiday and for all the kids and teachers who are safely back at school.

*  Thank you to the missionaries from the USA who blessed us with their time and talents for five weeks.  

*  Thank you to Rose, our music teacher, for a lovely music gala on the 7th of September.  She taught music lessons to the Grade 2's this year.  

*  Thank you for the stationery and food donations we have received over the last month. 

Our prayer requests:

*  Please pray for our upcoming concert/Christmas party on 26 October.  Our theme is "Our God - Creator of the Universe".  Please pray that our kids will have a lovely day, that the parents will experience something of God's love, and for the all the arrangements that still need to take place before then.

*  Please pray for staff members and families in the school who have had losses in their families: financial and the death of family members.  Please pray that God's love will surround and comfort them.

*  Please pray for our request for the school-ground at City of Tshwane, which will be presented to the City Counsel during the month of October.  Please pray that God's will be done and for his favor upon the school.